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We’ve lost count of how many pairs of running shoes Timea has gotten through, but there’ll be plenty more pairs while she aims to complete a full marathon. As Doggy Styling’s in-house fitness guru, Timea enjoys spending time out running, lifting at the gym, travelling, and eating good food. Life is about finding the perfect balance after all. As Weybridge manager, Timea finds solace in the fact that working at Doggy Styling and being surrounded by puppies is as stress-free as it gets. Timea is also a distinguished dog groomer, and one of her favourite activities is hand-stripping. Favourite breed: Yorkshire Terrier because they’re so adorable and unique.



Emily just loves dogs. All dogs, large and small. This gives her an edge in our salon, as no day, or dog, is ever the same. Although when a Golden Retriever comes in, you know Emily’s going to have a very good day. As Doggy Styling’s resident foodie, don’t disturb Emily when she’s trying out a brand new restaurant or enjoying some fresh sushi. Okawari! (that’s Japanese for ‘more please’) You’ll likely bump into Emily out with friends, making new ones, and telling everyone her favourite random fact that Australia is wider than the moon. We looked it up and it’s actually true! My style icon: Kim Kardashian.



Mo grooms dogs so that they become even more loveable. But what is Mo’s secret to a more loveable pooch? It’s a suave Persian flair mixed with a skilful scissor hand and plenty of care, that leaves our canine clients feeling like a million dollars. A bit like Matthew McConaughey in The Gentlemen…Mo loves his style by the way. When on a break in the salon, Mo can be found captivated in one of his extensive collection of books. He also enjoys going hiking, no matter the weather. That’s probably why he relates to huskies so much. My spirit breed: Husky.



With a massive love of the outdoors and loads of energy, Eliza unwinds on long walks, preferably with a dog by her side. No wonder her favourite place is Cornwall. Now she’s got us thinking about long walks on the Cornish coast with our four legged friends. Bliss. If Eliza were a dog she’d be an Australian Shepherd, as they love the outdoors almost as much as her. Eliza loves running too. So much so that she’s done a full marathon. Impressive. We’ll stick to putting on our boots just for the walking. That’s as far as we’re willing to go… I’m good at: Tennis.



From Cockapoo’s in the salon, to cocktails with friends on the weekend, Lauren is always busy. We challenge her to come up with a new style of cocktail, one with a bit of ‘bark’ to it. Lauren got into dog grooming because it feels so rewarding making dogs look and feel their best in the salon. There’s nothing she finds more satisfying than de-shedding a Husky and removing the undercoat. Plus they have amazing eye colours, which is always great for an ‘after’ photo. One of the things Lauren loves most about being a dog groomer is the fantastic team around her at Doggy Styling. Random fact: Lauren has a birthmark on the back of her eye.


Bath & Tidy

The perfect "in-between" groom...

- 2 washes, using specially chosen shampoo to suit your dogs coat/skin type.
- Warm air fluff and brush.
- Nail clipping.
- Face, feet and sanitary trim.

Full Groom

The complete styling session...

- 2 washes, using specially chosen shampoo to suit your dogs coat/skin type.
- Warm air fluff and brush.
- Nail clipping.
- Face, feet and sanitary trim.
- Beautiful haircut to your specification.

Premium Pamper

The ultimate pampering experience...

- Everything included in the Full Groom PLUS
- Essential oils bath
- Teeth clean
- Blueberry facial
- Moisturising nose and paw balm

Puppy Intro Package

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(Tuesday to Saturday 9.30-5.30pm)

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• Nail Clip £10 (no appointment needed)
• Nail File £10
• Teeth Clean £15
• Ultrasonic Teeth Clean £35
• Ear Pluck + Cleanse £10

• Deshed Mud Mask From £8
• Blueberry Facial £8
• Flea Treatment £10
• Ayuverda Herbal Bath £25
• Moisturising Nose & Paw Balm £8

• Light Hand Stripping £10 (+Full Groom)
• Full Body Hand Stripping £25-£50 (+Full Groom)