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Our mission is simple: we want to take dog grooming to a new level to help your pet, and you, live your best life. To complement this we've curated an array of purposeful and beautiful doggy products from around the world.


Team Leader


As someone who doesn’t like questionnaires (does anyone unless there’s a £20 incentive?), we just had to let Sophia take her photo with Verdi, her Retriever, to get the lowdown. After all, they both have a lot in common, including long walks in the woods or by the river Thames. Sophia’s love of pups started when she was young, visiting her grandparents to play with their dogs. Now she shares her love of baking with the team, keeping the Doggy Styling groomers fuelled with fresh cakes. My favourite place: Italy… Bellissima!

Senior Stylist


Even though Natalie has never had a dog herself, and you’d never guess that was the case, they love jumping into her arms for a cuddle post-groom. Skilled with a blade, both in the salon and outside, Natalie has gained a number of years XP, not only in dog grooming but also playing Dungeons and Dragons. She also enjoys making models, and eating anything potato-based. Recently, Natalie got her first tattoo ever, which we reckon is of a potato. Because… why not? My style icon: Janelle Monae. My favourite breed: Greyhound - calm, serene but then bursting with the zoomies



After a long day in the salon, you can’t beat a bit of retail therapy. Isn’t that right, Summer? Sorry, she’s trying on more clothes. Perhaps she’s looking for a new outfit to wear on her next trip to Barcelona. A bit of a rock legend, Summer’s secret talent is a couple of sets on the drums. Even in her spare time, Summer is always looking to ‘level-up’ her grooming, practising quick-finger combos with Star Wars Jedi on the Xbox/Playstation. The force is strong with this one. My favourite breed: Golden Retriever, as we’re both jovial and have blonde hair.

Junior Stylist


Hannah’s love of animals is clear to see, from dog grooming to being the mummy of a leopard gecko. Hannah became a dog groomer as it was the most rewarding way to work with animals and we’d agree with that. If she could be a dog for a day - and who wouldn’t want to - she’d be an Irish Setter, as they both love flicking their hair. A talented pianist, you’ll find Hannah playing the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven the composer, not the famous film dog… obviously. I really love: animal and landscape photography. My style icon: Taylor Swift

Junior Stylist


That’s Lucia with a ‘chee’, and probably some brie, as when she’s not dog grooming, you’ll find her watching the Friends box set on repeat with a cheese selection. Lucia loves being around dogs all day, as it makes her happy - and to be fair, she’s not the only one. Although once this so-called ‘Metaverse’ opens up, Lucia is ready to virtually groom with a VR headset, while keeping up with the latest podcasts and of course, trying virtual cheeseboards. My favourite breed: Cocker Spaniel because, like me, they sleep a lot! My favourite place: Newquay.

Dog Grooming Assistant


As someone who knows The Lion King by heart, when it comes to dog grooming, Martina will simply tell you: “Hakuna Matata.” After all, humans and dogs are all connected in the great circle of life. Martina loves a plate full of pasta almost as much as she loves dogs, and when she’s not in Italy, she’ll be exploring new places and cultures. When it comes to style, Martina has some new rules - Dua Lipa all the way. I’m really good at: imitating people (….should we be worried?). My favourite film: Big Fish.

Dog Grooming Assistant


A left-handed groomer, who has loved Labradors and dogs in general since he was young, James is living his dream job at Doggy Styling. And in his own words, it was the natural thing to do. When not using neat scissor tricks in the salon, you’ll find James pulling a frontside heelflip at the skatepark. Or you might even find him dusting off the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater games during the winter months. My style icon: Jim Carrey - he’s wacky, funny and always has a smile on his face. My favourite food: Pizza.

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