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As someone who doesn’t like questionnaires (does anyone unless there’s a £20 incentive?), we just had to let Sophia take her photo with Verdi, her Retriever, to get the lowdown. After all, they both have a lot in common, including long walks in the woods or by the river Thames. Sophia’s love of pups started when she was young, visiting her grandparents to play with their dogs. Now she shares her love of baking with the team, keeping the Doggy Styling groomers fuelled with fresh cakes. My favourite place: Italy… Bellissima!



Hannah’s love of animals is clear to see, from dog grooming to being the mummy of a leopard gecko. Hannah became a dog groomer as it was the most rewarding way to work with animals and we’d agree with that. If she could be a dog for a day - and who wouldn’t want to - she’d be an Irish Setter, as they both love flicking their hair. A talented pianist, you’ll find Hannah playing the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven the composer, not the famous film dog… obviously. I really love: animal and landscape photography. My style icon: Taylor Swift.



Elly got into the world of dog grooming because they are her favourite animal and who wouldn’t want to be around dogs all day? When she’s not working, you’ll most likely find her curled up in front of the fire with a roast dinner, tucking in like a Terrier. Extra gravy and another Yorkshire (pudding) please! Oh, and if you’re looking for a top pub quizzer, look no further. Elly’s specialist subjects include dogs (obviously), houseplants, gardening, and Adam Sandler… if that’s not a winning combination, we don’t know what is. I’m good at: pub quizzes.



*Radio crackles* Signem are you there? Or are you doing yoga with the puppies again? As a civil engineer, who enjoys designing and renovating houses, we’re thinking of asking Signem to use her handy skills to kit out the Doggy Styling roof. Hopefully in time for next summer. A canine-human chill out zone with room for Signem to enjoy some yoga sounds good. Being a dog groomer has taught Signem patience and the importance of living in the moment – something we all need to do from time to time. Just breathe. My style icon: Grace Kelly.



It’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from… Kyla? While in the salon we work all day, Kyla enjoys spending her time freediving - discovering a whole new world under the sea…ok we’ll stop. When not holding her breath, you might find Kyla admiring Japanese cars, Mazda MX-5s to be exact. Or maybe raving to tunes from the 80s and 90s on a Friday night. Now that’s what we call style. Although when with our cuddly clients, Kyla resists the urge to give every doggy who visits us a mullet…much to their relief. My spirit breed: a Spaniel.



Huge bat-fan Jazz understands dogs more than people. Which is fair, as with dogs, you just know you’ll be loved unconditionally. If Jazz were a dog though, it would be a Doberman, loyal and a bit of a softy underneath. Don’t tell Jazz, but we’re thinking of dressing up a Doberman as a bat to see what her reaction will be. Seventh heaven, we reckon. Jazz’s favourite place is South Africa – probably because there are around 56 bat species there, and she cares about animal conservation too. Basically, Jazz loves bats if you hadn’t already guessed. I’m good at: art and photography.


Bath & Tidy

The perfect "in-between" groom...

- 2 washes, using specially chosen shampoo to suit your dogs coat/skin type.
- Warm air fluff and brush.
- Nail clipping.
- Face, feet and sanitary trim.

Full Groom

The complete styling session...

- 2 washes, using specially chosen shampoo to suit your dogs coat/skin type.
- Warm air fluff and brush.
- Nail clipping.
- Face, feet and sanitary trim.
- Beautiful haircut to your specification.

Premium Pamper

The ultimate pampering experience...

- Everything included in the Full Groom PLUS
- Essential oils bath
- Teeth clean
- Blueberry facial
- Moisturising nose and paw balm

Puppy Intro Package

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• Nail Clip £10 (no appointment needed)
• Nail File £10
• Teeth Clean £15
• Ultrasonic Teeth Clean £35
• Ear Pluck + Cleanse £10

• Deshed Mud Mask From £8
• Blueberry Facial £8
• Flea Treatment £10
• Ayuverda Herbal Bath £25
• Moisturising Nose & Paw Balm £8

• Light Hand Stripping £10 (+Full Groom)
• Full Body Hand Stripping £25-£50 (+Full Groom)