At Doggy Styling, we offer an introduction package for puppy grooming. BOOK HERE

We’ll help your puppy get used to their first grooming experience. While it’s normal you’re your puppy might feel anxious, dogs are natural energy readers. Our groomers are trained to communicate through positive, confident energy.

We work with slow, gentle movements. We’ll let them get their bearings, smell our equipment, allow them space and as many breaks as needed. And of course, that’ll be in between lots of cuddles. This allows for a calm, close connection to your puppy. In no time, your pet will be used to the grooming process.

Our special Puppy Intro Package is £42 and includes the following:

- Bath & Blow Dry

- Face, Feet & Sanitary Trim

- Nail Clip

Thinking of booking a puppy grooming session? Before you do, we’ve got some tips on how to prepare your pup for their first visit to the salon.