Why you should take your puppy to the groomer after their vaccinations

by Kris Rollo

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As dog lovers, we know how important it is to ensure our puppies are taken for their necessary vaccinations early, and in good time. Generally, this can be around 10-12 weeks old, but the exact time will vary depending on your dog and your vet’s advice. Having the necessary vaccination shots is also important before they socialise with other dogs, either at the park, out and about, or at the groomers.


How old should a puppy be to get groomed?

For puppies, just like older dogs, grooming is an essential part of caring for their ongoing health and well-being. So it’s a good idea to visit your local Surrey dog grooming salon as soon as you can.

Introducing your puppy to grooming at 10-12 weeks old, after their second set of vaccinations is generally seen as the norm. And this applies to both short-haired and smooth-coated puppies. 

Talk to your vet about your puppy vaccination schedule and then make sure you schedule their first groom based on that schedule.

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Why wait until just after your puppy’s vaccinations?

The whole purpose of vaccines is to protect your puppy and others around it. So, until your puppy has completed their vaccination schedule, they are more susceptible to infectious diseases. After vaccinations, their immune system becomes stronger and better equipped to handle potential threats.

Being inside a grooming salon, with other dogs in close proximity will greatly increase the risk of your puppy picking up an illness without the necessary vaccinations. Over time, you’ll want to schedule grooming appointments but it’s important to get the first visit in early.

As well as the health aspect, there is also a social purpose. Your local dog grooming salon offers opportunities for your puppy to interact with other dogs and people at a young age. As we know, socialising your dog when they are young is an important part of development. This helps with their social skills, building confidence around other dogs, and reducing anxiety in new situations.


Which diseases do puppy vaccinations protect against?

Generally, the initial set of puppy inoculations are designed to give protection against:

• Canine Distemper
• Canine Adenovirus
• Canine Parvovirus
• Leptospirosis

A puppy will need a ‘booster’ vaccination 12 months after the second vaccination and every year thereafter.


The many well-being benefits of grooming

Professional groomers are trained to handle dogs gently and effectively. Taking your puppy to the groomer early on helps them get accustomed to being handled, trimmed, brushed, and bathed. This makes future grooming sessions much more manageable and stress-free.

Regular grooming appointments allow the groomer to check your puppy's skin, coat, ears, and nails for any signs of potential problems. Catching issues early can lead to timely treatment and prevent them from becoming more severe.

Depending on your puppy's breed, the coat may require regular maintenance to prevent matting, tangles, and excessive shedding. Groomers can provide guidance on proper coat care and recommend suitable grooming routines.

Keeping your puppy's nails at an appropriate length is crucial for their comfort and mobility. Groomers can trim the nails safely, preventing overgrowth that could lead to pain or other issues. This will give your puppy a feel for having their paws handled and nails clipped.

Some groomers, like Doggy Styling, offer teeth brushing as part of their grooming packages. Good dental hygiene can help prevent dental problems and maintain fresh breath. Getting your puppy used to regular brushing from an early age is also wise.

Some dog breeds are prone to ear infections, and regular ear cleaning by a groomer can help prevent such problems. 

Remember to choose a reputable and experienced groomer who understands the specific needs of puppies and follows proper sanitation protocols.

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How to introduce your puppy to the grooming process

Introducing the grooming process to your puppy can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. To a puppy, everything can feel scary, so it’s important to help them feel at ease.

At Doggy Styling, we understand the need for intricate and specialised care while grooming a puppy for the first time. That’s why we’ve developed our Puppy Intro Package, perfect for helping your dog get used to their first grooming experience.

While it’s normal that your puppy might feel anxious, dogs are natural energy readers. Our groomers are trained to communicate through positive, confident energy.

We work with slow, gentle movements. We’ll let them get their bearings, smell our equipment, allow them space and as many breaks as needed. And of course, that’ll be in between lots of cuddles. This allows for a calm, close connection to your puppy. In no time, your dog will be used to the grooming process.


If you’d like to book your first, or your next, appointment with Doggy Styling visit us today at our Cobham dog grooming salon, our Weybridge dog grooming salon, or our Surbiton dog grooming salon.


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