How to meet other dog friendly folks in your new area

by Kris Rollo

two dog walkers in the park with four dogs on leads

Ever since we moved onto Cobham high street, we’ve been the new dogs on the block. But that hasn’t stopped us from meeting loads of friendly doggies and their humans.

Granted, we’ve got a slight advantage being not only a dog grooming salon, but a cosy, clean, and stress-free place to bring your pet.

So if you’ve recently moved to Cobham, Weybridge, Surbiton, we’ve got some top tips on how you and your dog can mingle with the most stylish pups in town.


Go to the groomers

Of course, this was always going to be on our list! The Doggy Styling staff are very lucky in that they get to spend the majority of their day surrounded by dogs. Whether it’s their first trim, or they are a Doggy Styling regular, there’s always dogs coming and, sadly, going.

Our cosy and inviting salons are a great way to say hello to other locals and strike up a conversation about your breed, or the best food or treats you pooch has tried.

While we don’t have waiting areas for humans at our salons, we’re so local to everything, it’s easy to explore the surrounding areas, or grab a coffee at a local café.


Enjoy a coffee at a dog friendly café 

With the central locations of each of our three salons, we’re never too far away from a lovely dog friendly café. And there are plenty to choose from, no matter if you are taking your dog for grooming in Surbiton, Weybridge, or Cobham.

If you’re visiting Weybridge, some of our top picks for food include Mimi’s, for seasonal British produce, or Nikki’s Coffeehouse, for an independent coffee shop experience. Why not read up on all of our top dog friendly places to visit in Weybridge.


Find a dog walking group online

If you’re thinking about socialising your dog more, chances are that others in and around the Surrey area are thinking the same. Online networks can be a great place to not only find other dog walkers, but also discuss dog issues or just share the joy of having a dog.

You could plan to meet for brunch, or for some much needed dog therapy. And you aren’t limited to your immediate neighbourhood, so it’s a great chance to cross town lines and venture into a new area.

Why not pop into Doggy Styling salon while you’re there to say hi!


Host your own doggy meetup!

If you really want to get to know the locals and their dogs, why not host a pup party? Okay, it doesn’t need to be a party but small local meet ups are a great way to introduce yourself.

Using social media such as Facebook Events or Instagram to reach new people in the local area. Specialist websites such as Meetup allow you to create recurring weekly or monthly events which can often be found through Google searches. And of course, shared your Meetup event link on social media for extra exposure.

Don’t feel that you have to host a meet up at your own home. The local park on a sunny weekend is a great place to start. What’s more, Surrey has loads of brilliant open green spaces for you to take your pick!


Take a stroll with other dog walkers in nature

Speaking of open spaces in Surrey, there are probably too many to list in this article, but here are some of our favourites for crossing paths with dog walkers.

Cobham: if you’re new to Cobham, like we are, then you’ll want to check out Painshill park. Painshill is regarded as one of the foremost and finest examples of the English Landscape Movement. It promises a fantastic day out for all the family that’s full of heritage, beauty, adventure and outdoor fun.

Weybridge: when in Weybridge, they say you should follow the River Wey. This lovely nature trail has it all…literally. From multiple different trails which reach views of the North Downs, to boat trips and ferry crossings, and any wildlife species including damselflies and bats.

Surbiton / Esher: sandwiched nicely in between Surbiton, Weybridge, and Cobham is Esher. There you will find Esher Common. At over 190 acres Esher Common is a very big green space. One that your dog will love to run around. Esher Common is a mixture of heath and woods and Black Pond, which is full of wildlife, is worth a visit.


Try volunteering at local dog shelters

If you have spare time, why not consider volunteering at a local animal shelter. There are also dog specific charities such as Dogs Trust which offer people the chance to help as a dog walker. In the current climate, charities are often on the lookout for new volunteers to join their regional teams.


If you're in the Cobham area, why not bring along your pooch and drop into our Cobham dog grooming salon - we'd love to say hello! 

If you’d like to book your first, or your next, appointment with Doggy Styling visit us today at our Cobham dog grooming salon, our Weybridge dog grooming salon, or our Surbiton dog grooming salon.


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