Dog health and the benefits of regular dog grooming

by Kris Rollo

dog laying down being brushed by a dog groomer

In short, dog grooming isn’t just for good looks. There is a range of reasons why dogs should be kept regularly well groomed. It enhances and promotes both health and hygiene in your pet, and as a result, directly benefits both dog and human. 

We recommend that dog grooming starts early and becomes a regular addition to your dog’s routine.


What are the benefits of regular dog grooming?

Basic home grooming can consist of brushing, bathing, and teeth cleaning. Firstly, the condition of your dog's coat and teeth is an essential indicator of their health. 

If the coat is matted or dull, it may mean an imbalance in your dog’s body. Keeping an eye on their coat is a way of identifying potential health problems that could have developed.

Make time to check and brush your dog once a week at a minimum. This is regardless of coat length or texture.

Top tip: 

Dogs with long fur can be combed “against the grain” to loosen the coat and remove loose hair. You can then brush the dog from the base of the head to the tail, using a brush specifically for long-haired dogs.


When it comes to cleaning your dog’s teeth, there are things to be aware of.

Many dog owners find teeth cleaning difficult. This is because their pooch will often be more interested in licking the toothpaste off the brush or flatly refuse the brush at all.

Try using flavoured toothpaste, dental spray, and dental chews for a complete clean.

You should check and clean your dog's teeth as part of their regular grooming routine, as ignoring it can lead to plaque build-up. However, for more than just everyday brushing, or teeth cleaning, you should look at visiting a professional dog groomer.


How dog grooming can promote the health and well-being of a dog

Grooming regularly helps a dog with hair shedding, which is very important in allowing them to regulate body temperature. Hair that has been shed can remain on the body, becoming stuck in other areas and adding to the insulating effect. 

When our groomers trim and remove loose hair, the new healthy hairs can come through easily, ensuring the coat looks healthy and can function effectively. A lack of grooming adds to the risk of grease and dead skin build-up, loose hair, and blocked pores.

A visit to the groomer also helps to rid your dog of dirt that has accumulated on the coat. The more your pooch is outdoors, and constantly rubbing against the environment, the more chance of fur becoming matted.

Regular grooming can also help spot fleas and ticks which may have made a home within your pup’s fur.

Grooming is more than just having a good-looking dog. By getting your dog groomed regularly, you will also be uncovering potentially unhealthy conditions.

Ultimately, you will end up with a healthy dog and an overall happier one.


How regularly should you get your dog groomed?

As with most things, this will generally depend on the type of breed and the length of their coat. Some dog breeds may need to visit the groomers every other week, while for others, a visit each month will suffice.

Regardless of when your dog is due at the groomer, home grooming care is a vitally important part of your routine.

Understanding and getting to know your dog’s body can help to identify anything out of place, such as lumps, bumps, sores, or irritation.

Although there are benefits to everyday home care, we’d always recommend visiting a professional grooming salon as part of your dog’s regular grooming routine.


How often should you bathe your dog?

As well as your brushing routine, don’t forget to bathe your canine. Bathing will remove a lot of the loose hair and remove dirt from around hard-to-brush areas.  

Overbathing your dog can lead to skin problems. This affects the pH balance in the skin and the appearance of the fur.

With sensitive dogs, make sure to use a shampoo specially developed for the needs of sensitive dog skin. 

Before the bath, if the fur is slightly matted, try to loosen it with your fingers or a comb. A good way to do this is to hold the mat with one hand and use the comb on the hair. This way, you won’t end up pulling too hard on your dog’s skin.

What are the benefits to humans?

We think the Doggy Styling groomers have one of the best jobs in the world, being around so many dogs all day. Of course, we know that being around animals brings health benefits to humans. 

Studies have shown spending time with pets leads to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression as well as eases loneliness in humans. And spending time with a  happy, well-groomed canine is even better.


If you’d like to book your first, or your next, appointment with Doggy Styling visit us today at our Cobham dog grooming salon, our Weybridge dog grooming salon, or our Surbiton dog grooming salon.


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