Grooming Terms & Conditions

At Doggy Styling our priority is the welfare of pets in our care and to maintain client satisfaction. We aim to give you and your pet the best service possible.

Registration agreement:

It is a prerequisite for all clients using Doggy Styling services to complete a client registration. It is important that all information provided is correct and complete and you must make us aware of anything we need to know about your dogs behaviour and health. Please advise us of any relevant changes each time you bring your pet in.

Completion of client registration automatically confirms your agreement to our terms and conditions and that we may rely on the information provided.

We will not share your details with other organisations. From time to time we will contact you via phone, text, email or post to inform you of any news or updates regarding our services. We may also photograph or video your pet and use these images on our website and/or social media. Please let us know if you do not wish to receive such information or do not want us to use images of your pet.

All dogs must be microchipped, have up-to-date vaccinations, including kennel cough and be wormed and deflead regularly.

Client records:

We keep client records for 7 years, and then destroy them before recycling. You have the right to request any information held about you and we will provide this within 30 days.

Grooming Appointments:

Cancellation and no show charges:

Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment. Arriving more than 15 minutes after your appointment time may result in your appointment being cancelled and a full charge being taken.

If you cannot keep your appointment please provide 48 hours notice.

If less than 48 hours notice is given and we are unable to fill your time slot, you will be expected to pay for the appointment. If you do not show up to the appointment, without notice, you will be expected to pay for the appointment. Any future appointments will need to be paid in full and upfront.

Status and temperament of dog pre-groom:

At the time of your pet’s appointment please ensure that they are fit and healthy and all vaccinations are up to date. Grooming of sick or elderly pets is entirely at the owners risk.  

Please ensure that your dog has had a chance to exercise and toilet before arriving for your appointment.  

Doggy Styling reserves the right to refuse to groom any dog that displays aggressive behaviour.  

(Neglected coat):

If a dog’s coat is severely matted Doggy Styling will only attempt to de-matt the coat for a maximum of 20 minutes in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. We also reserve the right to perform a complete clip off of the dog’s coat if the matting is severe enough to cause the dog discomfort and/or exceeds the 20 minute de-matting allowance.  

If a complete clip off needs to be performed Doggy Styling will endeavour to notify you before doing so. However, if we cannot contact you and we believe the clip off is necessary on welfare grounds we will still undertake to clip off the coat. Severely matted dogs will incur additional charges for de-matting and/or clipping off the coat. These charges will vary depending on the time taken for the procedure but can range from £5 to £35.  

Doggy Styling reserves the right to refuse to groom any dog that we deem too severely matted to safely carry out a clip off of the coat. If you fail to disclose information about any allergies and/or skin conditions Doggy Styling will not be held responsible for any irritation, patchiness, abrasions or hair loss that may arise due to the grooming process, especially as a result of a matted coat which in some cases can cause haematoma’ (blood flow rushing to the service of skin once matts are relieved).

Any dog found to have a flea or tick infestation will be given suitable treatments to kill the parasites. A flea bath is charged at an extra £7 and tick removal at the time it takes. After the grooming process you will be advised on parasite prevention and shown some treatments that are either available in store or recommended where to go. If your dog requires urgent medical attention while in our care, Doggy Styling reserves the right to seek veterinary attention at either Vet4life or Voo Vets - Surbiton, any fees incurred will be payable by the dog’s owner.  

(Health concerns post grooming):

If you believe that a dog has been injured due to the grooming process you must seek veterinary advice within 24 hours. We will require a full written veterinary report stating the cause of injury being specific to the grooming process for us to accept any liability or negligence. Doggy Styling carries full public liability insurance.

Late pick up:

Our policy is to have all pets collected within one hour of service completion due to limited space and the comfort of the animals. If you can't pick up within this timeframe, we reserve the right to charge a Late Pick-up Fee. We allow a 60-minute Grace Period for pick-up after which we may charge £5 per hour.