Guide Dogs

We love supporting a good cause, and this is a worldwide organisation that support those with little or no sight.

The charity are always welcoming volunteers to help across the UK in a multitude of events and support groups. If you want to get involved, or perhaps even sponsor a puppy as they go through their guide dog training, which truly helps give back confidence and independence to those that lose their sight; then head over to the website to find out more about how you can join in.

Guide Dog's Goal:

Our ambition is a future where every person with sight loss has the confidence and support they need to live their lives to the full. Our Future Direction and Strategy Overview explains how we aim to reach and support many more individuals over the next five years, from 200,000 people today, to 500,000 by 2023

Guide Dogs exists to provide life-changing services to the 360,000 people who are registered blind or partially sighted, and the two million people in the UK living with sight loss.

We provide a range of services with and beyond the dog to help thousands of people with different needs lead confident, independent and fulfilling lives.