About Us


We're Doggy Styling pet grooming and boutique. A couple of dog lovers, Armine & Maria felt the overwhelming desire and need to bring a quality grooming parlour to our local town Surbiton.

Armine once struggled to find a parlour that could fit in his Bijon - Milou, he was even told the waiting list was months long and they'd be unlikely to accept any new dogs to their client list!

Maria has grown up her entire life with family dogs on the larger scale, including boxers, labs and Alsatians. She even had a protector as a baby, an Alsatian called Vinny that would sit by her pram while she slept and with the slightest stur would run to the kitchen to grab the grown ups.

Now, together we've combined our love and passion for our furry friends to provide the best service and help them looking prim and proper at all times. From mini grooms, to luxury grooms and to kitting out your dog inside our boutique, we look forward to meeting you.