New Year, New Dog Tips

New Year, New Dog Tips

We all love Christmas, including the Scrooge's amongst us; but who else agrees there's always a big sigh of relief when new year comes round and it's all over, back to normality.

Christmas is over, the remnants of turkey feasted on between sheets of yeast, the relatives and the in-laws all departed. Leaving household residents strewn across sofas and beds hibernating until recess is over and normality sets in. Some of our household residents that find it really tough at this time of year, is the furry kind. Getting too much attention or not enough, coupled with the back handed nibbles of roast dinners and of course, the overall atmosphere of pure chaos with visitors in and out the front door and down the chimney. Your canine deserves a fresh bounce back into the new year, and here's what we suggest to get you and your family back on track into normality as 2019 swings round.

revving up for a good year with good health, good training tips for good behaviour, product suggestions for refreshing your dogs collection of toys, accessories and garments.

Not forgetting our best suggestions on maintaining a healthy all round lifestyle for your family and your dog, with age old ailments even your gran probably doesn't even know about.

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